I’ve given a great deal of thought to my appearance.  From the way I keep my hair a certain length to the way I buy jeans that are sometimes fairly expensive.  Everything down to my socks is carefully thought out most of the time.

Whom am I trying to impress?  What does God’s idea of modesty bring to the table in the way I dress?  I must confess that I don’t often consider what modesty has to “say” about something because we don’t exactly live in a time or place where guys are told in the context of a church very often what they should wear or avoid.  I mean, girls have it way worse…and better in this regard.  Worse, because there’s a clear expectation in most contexts…and woe to you if you color outside those lines!  At the same time, it’s better because there is a clear expectation.

But guys? Guys can wear really trendy jeans and whatnot…and no one says a thing.

I really do expect that to change inside of 10 years.  I’ve wrestled through my outfits (specifically the ones I consider wearing to church).  I shouldn’t want to be a distraction to any girls or to any gay guys in the congregation, and yet sometimes I just don’t care and simply want to look darn good period.  I never once have said God’s done sanctifying me.

So…what are some of your boundaries in regards to what you’ll wear?  I’m curious what others have to say about this.