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Just finished an arrangement of a hymn I wrote that will be introduced for corporate worship during the offertory next month. I never quite know what to make of what I create, least of all, this particular hymn.

I am, in my own estimation, a very frustrated lyricist. This particular hymn seems to be something which is an anomaly, since I’m actually pleased with the lyrics as they stand. I may add a verse to what I currently have at some point, but beyond that I like what I’ve written. I wrote the first three verses while my pastor preached out of Psalm 1 and wrote the final verse while sitting beside a lake later that afternoon. I’m glad I live in an age of podcasts so I could go back and listen to what the pastor actually said. 😉

Creating things is in my blood, it would seem. I really love writing arrangements of hymns or creating completely new hymn tunes. But in this case, especially in all cases relating to orchestration–arrangements where I put together multiple instruments in a small ensemble or orchestra–I am not entirely satisfied at the outset. Perhaps it’s because I’m less experienced. I was, after all, a vocal major in college, so I never took orchestration & instrumental arranging classes. But I’ve picked up a little bit here and there over the years. Sitting down at a blank computer screen, the question always seems to arise: “Can I do this again?” So far, the answer seems to be yes.

But I dread the day when I will sit down and literally nothing will happen. It’s probably an irrational fear. My mind is a fertile place in musical matters, but it’s still a fear.

Still, God has given me a gift. And it’s being used for Him. May my fears be calmed and my gifts used for His advancement, His glory…and not my own.