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Hymn #233 in Village Hymns for Social Worship by A. Nettleton.
By Robert Cruttenden

What jarring natures dwell within
Imperfect grace, remaining sin!
Nor this can reign, nor that prevail
Though each, by turns, my heart assail.

Now I complain, and groan and die–
Now raise my songs of triumph high;
Sing a rebellious passion slain
Or mourn to feel it live again.

One happy hour beholds me rise
Borne upward to my native skies
While faith assists my soaring flight
To realms of joy and worlds of light.

Great God, assist me through the fight
Make me triumphant in Thy might
Thou the desponding heart canst raise
The victory mine and Thine the praise.

This, folks, is why I keep old hymnals handy.  They, like Scripture, tend to read me rather than I, them.  I am hard pressed to find a worship song written in the last 200 years which gives me the words of confession that seem to be so relevant in my life.  I could write a lot about it and was actually going to.  But I think it’s sufficient to say that the last verse is indeed my cry, even today.  I cry to God for assistance, triumphing in His might, not my own.  He can raise my desponding heart (which is an apt description of late) and has secured that victory for me, to the praise of His glorious grace.

Come, Lord Jesus.