An excellent lecture about the necessity of the Church being the family of God to those who wrestle with being single or homosexuality.

HT: Wesley Hill

It seems that too often, as Prof. Jenson states, that the Church is too quick to offer advice to those struggling in their singleness and misuses the imperatives in Scripture, negating the indicatives. (If what I said was Greek to you, listen to the video. Matt explains what it means and says it much better than I just did.) I listened to the lecture while I was at the gym just now and it seemed especially relevant in light of a conversation I had this morning. Iron sharpening iron and all of that. So grateful to the brother with whom I had the conversation; he helps me to know and articulate what I believe and why I believe it. So many great questions…hopefully this video answers one or two of them.

Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day, everyone!