Recently, I saw a stack of papers in a youth room.  I won’t tell you where, but when stuff like this is lying around, I tend to grab it and fold it and put it in my pocket.  This is terrible.

The passage is, first of all, identified incorrectly on the paper which was given to the students.  The questions only make sense if it’s applied to FIRST John 2:3-14.  But whatever.

The title of the study is “Something Old, Something New.”  Let’s look at these:

  1. What kind of people do you like to be around?
  2. How can you tell when people like you?
  3. What undeniable fact is revealed by Christian who live as Jesus did? (2:3-6)
  4. If the command to love is old, how is it also new?  (2:7,8)
  5. What is the evidence that a person is living in spiritual darkness? (2:11)
  6. List some objections to the principle that the way we treat others is the measure of our obedience to God.
  7. Why do believers have to be told to love others?
  8. What are some of the barriers to love [sic] others?
  9. What kind of love did John intend for us to have?
  10. What kind of people are easy for you to love?
  11. What kind of people are difficult for you to love?
  12. What loving actions have you seen at your church?
  13. List some ways that you can show love to others.
  14. How can you show love to people whom you don’t really like?
  15. RESOLVE to take action: Think of someone you’ve treated unkindly or from whom you’ve simply withheld a kindness.  What can you do to show love to this person?

Thoughts to ponder:

  1. What does it mean that “the true light is already shining”? (2:8)
  2. Explain John’s repetition of “I am writing to you” and “I have written to you.”  What is the point of these verses?


Is there anything in the questions I found that would cause a person to think this was about Christ?  Or is this a command in a vacuum?  (I think it’s a command in a vacuum.)