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In view of recent events regarding Jennifer Knapp mentioned on Chris Rosebrough‘s program, I believe the following words from Jerram Barrs, while not being the final word on the subject, are in fact, relevant to the discussion.

In his book, Learning Evangelism from Jesus, Barrs discusses the parable of the two sons.  He observes,

At the moral level, this parable teaches us about the ingratitude, self-centeredness, and destructive folly of sin.  It shows us plain common sense in the face of personal ruin, as well as the necessity of humble repentance.  It also teaches us about how we are to relate to one another.  What is our reaction when someone is trapped in sin?  Do we rejoice, gloat, point an accusing finger, gossip, or even turn away, banishing them from our sight?  Or are we merciful, prayerful, longing and hoping for repentance, gladly welcoming any sign of a change of heart, ready to do anything we can to help a lost brother or sister back into the family and the community?  (pg. 121-122)

It also seems to me that Trevin Wax has some valid comments about the issues with the way the Christian perspective was articulated.