It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here and I hope to begin changing that. Grad school is in its final year and I’m going to be job-searching before much longer, but right now I’m trying to get through Hebrew translations and papers.

Lately, instead of blogging, I’ve been speaking publicly. I’ve spoken to high school students and to a group of PCUSA congregants most recently. Each experience had its own ups and downs, but it’s been an instructive few months even so.

omahaOne thing I did recently while in Omaha, NE, was to answer questions for two hours after having told a bit of my story for thirty minutes or so. I was sufficiently drained afterward to make me wonder if such a question-answer session is important for people who are beginning to come to terms with this sort of discussion. I’ve found in the past that if the speaker short-changes the time spent on questions that I walk away feeling like more important questions were not addressed. Based on this, I opted to have a long Q&A. I will be sharing some of the questions I’ve been asked in the coming weeks since they seem to be somewhat common to many.

Another thing I did was to have 1-1 interactions with folks from the congregation in Omaha. It was a very encouraging time, even when I got to talk to some who don’t agree with me. I love hearing stories and allowing them to inform how I speak the eternal truths of Scripture to others.

It was a good trip; I’m curious to see if I have other trips in my future.