As in all things, I supposed, there was a great deal of frustration and heartache, coupled with joy and being overwhelmed with the goodness of God.

Regardless of my final grade in one class in particular, the professor was extremely kind to me and understanding when I was simply too overwhelmed to be of much good.

I lost a friend that I loved. He was 40. I lost a second friend who was only 31. I had the realization that I will probably have many years ahead of me where friends will die before me and then after me.

I found a job that I really like and people I really like to work with.

I’ve struggled to feel loved and to know God’s love for me apart from what I do for him. Like most guys, I struggle with knowing who I am apart from what I do. I don’t have all the answers, but I think I’m on the right track.

Come, Lord Jesus. Visit me this Advent.