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Much of what passes as “Christian love” irks me…and worse yet, most of it is stuff I’ve done. From telling people ambiguous statements like, “Gay is a choice” to “Jesus is the answer,” the American evangelical church has made some colossal blunders in the past 70 years.

But the guys over at One Minute Apologist have done a video with renowned Christian apologist, Dr. Michael Brown, asking the question this post centers around: should the Church ask for forgiveness from gays? (Spoiler alert: the answer Dr. Brown gives is yes.

As the Church, we should apologize AND call to repentance…and do both in truth and love. We all know it does no good to call someone to repentance if they perceive we’ve sinned against them. So let’s admit our personal and corporate sins in the area of gay ministry. We don’t lose anything in the war on sin by telling the truth and being repentant. We might even gain some respect in the process.

Is our theology of the cross big enough to cover our sins, Church? Or do we need to find our own coverings–covering over our sins ourselves–in order to save face? What we do with this issue will show exactly how big our Jesus is…not in fuzzy inclusiveness, but in forgiveness of real sin.