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First, I haven’t fallen off the radar completely.  I’ve been swamped with reading for my Covenant Theology class, as well as learning Greek and doing my first outline for Sermon Preparation and Delivery.  Pretty stoked.

I’m also a reader for another student (meaning, I read their assignments onto an mp3 file and then send it to them). It pays pretty well and it’s a class I’ll have to take in the future, so I’ll have read most of the materials for those classes when I get there.  Pretty excited about that, actually.  But what that means is I fell behind in reading a little bit this week and spent 8 hours reading, 2 for the other guy, 6 for me…just to get caught up.  Then I came back from class today and read for over 2 hours for the other guy.  Now I’m taking a break from Greek to write this.

Washed and Waiting, by Wes Hill

But another distraction has arrived.  Amazon just sent me the copy of Washed and Waiting by Wes Hill. I couldn’t put it down and spent an hour this afternoon reading it. It warrants its own post, but allow me to quote from page 42 (which is, of course, the answer to life, the universe, everything):

A sexual orientation is such a complex and, in most cases, it seems, intractable thing; I for one cannot imagine what ‘healing’ from my orientation would look like, given that it seems to manifest itself not only in physical attraction to male bodies but also in a preference for male company, with all that it entails, such as conversation and emotional intimacy and quality time spent together.

I expect to have the book finished by Saturday at absolute latest.  I’ll spoil it for you, though and tell you that Wes Hill gets the Gospel.  And he has a great view of baptism, too.  Check it out.

I continue to make really good friends here in seminary.  One friend I don’t nearly see enough of, but we’ve said we’ll get together soon.  I certainly don’t blame him…or me…for not hanging out more.  Our schedules just don’t mesh and on top of that, we have the same reading obligations.  I’ve not exactly been the most social person lately, either.

On a more trivial note, I had to replace my Crosley USB turntable.  Yes, I’m a nerd. No, I couldn’t do without it.  The old one had a bad motor in it…it kept speeding up.  I’m not technically proficient, but if someone wanted to help me take it apart and try to fix it, I’d be down with that.  Otherwise, my new one is awesome.  In fact, it’d be awesome if someone could help me fix the old one AND make some changes to the motor so that I could speed it up or slow it down…so if you’re REALLY ambitious and want to help me with that…I’d be down with that too!

Well…time to get back to work.  I suspect my posts on Walther will resume soon enough, so stay tuned.