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I’ve decided to switch up my email and have been converting it over to another GMail account (all my accounts are still used and checked; I’m simply running everything from an online ‘hub’ rather than from Outlook for the sake of my convenience).  In the process, lots of random emails from the last 4 years have come across my screen.  One of them contained a reflection I wrote in December of 2008.  It reads,

It fascinates me that people are willing to talk about their feelings, but not deal with the actual Scriptural realities behind what they believe and are called to do in Christ.

Are you listening to anyone except yourself?

I don’t recall the context; it was a retort to something on a forum of which I used to be a part.  But I can’t say much has changed.  People would rather air their feelings about God instead of do the hard work of searching out what the Bible says about this concern or that situation.  Call it a product of my ENTJness, but seriously…WWBD? (That’s “What Would the Bereans Do?”) 😉

Additionally, I spent lunch talking with a great friend about the necessity for interaction outside the Christian Bubble, the importance of talking frankly but biblically about sex with kids, and modeling that sort of ministry to our parishioners when we become pastors.  Both of us really appreciated Dr. Chapell’s remarks in Prep & Del this morning…he’s definitely a godly man who is concerned with adorning the Gospel and placarding Christ.