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As a worship leader, I’m continually evaluating the theological merits of songs which we could do at our church.  Anytime I hear a new CD, I spend time reading the lyrics before I ever press play.  Lyrics to hymns like “He Leadeth Me,” “Peaceful Bower,” “As Thy Days” and “How Firm a Foundation” are excellent at communicating the truths of the gospel or truths which result from the gospel…why would anyone ever sing crap?  Because it’s catchy.

People sing “Nothing Is As Wonderful” (an old Vineyard chorus) or even “Hosanna” by Hillsong, where I take real issue with the line, “I see a near-revival coming as we pray and sing.”  What the heck is THAT mess??

“But Dave, it’s only one line.”

Every line counts. Ever notice how a person will remember the one part of a story that’s fictional?  It’s like we’re drawn to repeat lies (intentional or otherwise) like a glutton toward food or drink or whatever makes him gluttonous.  Singing even one line that makes no sense or isn’t completely true is disaster.  This is why I won’t ever do the song “Here Is Our King” by David Crowder, unless it was just the chorus, joined to different verses.  The verses are a mish-mesh of nothing.  Don’t believe me?  Read them and then I challenge you to make actual sense out of them.  You won’t be able to, I promise.