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I’m house-sitting for a few days, watching dogs and eating the owners’ food. Well, sort of. I ordered out for Chinese last night.

I got two phone calls yesterday which affected me greatly. The first was from a ministry director whom I’ve never met. I’ve applied to work with the organization he represents and I filled out an application. It had many questions on it, but one of them was something like this:

Have you done anything in the last ten years which could be considered worthy of reproach in your conduct?

Of course I answered “yes.” I don’t know of anyone who could, in good conscience, answer “no.” I haven’t been sinless, even as it relates to sexual sin. (I’ve only met one who made it to maturity who has: Jesus.) But the man on the phone wanted me to have direct accountability on the subject from someone overseeing my internship at church. I have a problem with that: namely, that this is what you do for an issue of sexual addiction. Issues related to homosexuality can indeed lead to addiction…but so can issues related to heterosexuality.

I asked him if a guy had made out with a girl several years ago if he would insist on accountability for that guy. He said yes. I’m sorry; I don’t believe that. I’ve never yet met the ministry that insisted on accountability for a man because he locked lips with a girl who wasn’t his wife at the time.

The whole conversation was, honestly, demoralizing–and yet, it seems par for the course. It hurt me greatly. I was speaking to my internship director about it and he was very understanding of my hurt. Out of deference to him, I won’t quote what he said, but he’s a good man and the Church Universal needs more like him.

The second call I got last night was from a good friend whom I haven’t seen in a while. He wanted to drink some beers on the roof of his new residence, so I headed to where he was. We drove to and from his new building in his Miata, weaving in and out of traffic and listening to Ke$ha. (That was his preference.) I got to see his new digs; it’s a nice place. Great old brick building; spacious apartment.

We had a great series of conversations. We talked about how difficult it is to be single and not sleep around. I felt very, very loved.

Both of these men are Christians. One of them treated me like I was something to be watched. The other like one to be loved.

Granted, one of them knows me and the other doesn’t. But the one who didn’t know me should have loved me because I’m his brother in Christ.

By this everyone will know that y’all are my disciples, if y’all love one another.