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Quick thought:

I was hanging out with single folks from my seminary the other day for dinner and dessert. We were discussing how difficult it is to get a job in the PCA and EPC if you are single…and I chimed in, “Yeah…but because I’m gay, I’ve got two strikes against me.”

Immediately, my phone beeped. This is the text message I received:

Hey brother, been thinking about you a ton lately. I think God is going to use you to do things you can’t even imagine for the glory of his name. Praying for you and the work He has laid out for you to do, work we don’t even know yet. Love you.

Very rarely do I ever see something like that which makes me sit up and say, “God really does care.” I mean, life is full of what often feels like happy accidents. If this was just an accident, well…I don’t think it is. The odds are better on me being struck by lightning, I’m sure.

To the person who sent me this text, thank you. You were faithful to encourage a brother who was down…and you probably didn’t even know that I’ve struggled a lot this semester with calling, the future, God’s love, and even depression. You were willing to send a text–something so simple and yet so encouraging.

To the people with whom I ate on Sunday, thanks for being awesome friends with whom I can be myself, unedited and unapologetic.

God has been incredibly good to me…and will continue to be.