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One of my systematics professors was out of town at ETS and I didn’t have to teach because I did overtime at the school this past week getting ready for the Fall Concert, so I was able to take off on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I actually took a sabbath on those days and relaxed.

I know a sabbath is supposed to be exactly that, but I still feel guilty that I didn’t get all of my laundry done. Or my room cleaned. Or dishes done. Or much of anything, really.

I tend not to ever really take a break. I tend to always have something else to do. And to not be doing something is basically being lazy. This is, after all, the way I was raised. How do I know when to work hard and when to shrug it off? My culture, sub-culture, and disposition do not really provide me with answers.

Not sure if I’m really rested from my sabbath…but I’m no worse for the wear, either.